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As of May 24, 2017, Articulate with Jim Cotter can be seen in the following top 30 TV markets:

WLIW, New York
Channel 21, Sundays @ 11:30am

WNYE, New York
Channel 25, Fridays @ 3:30pm

KCET, Los Angeles
Channel 28, Saturdays @ 9pm  

KVCR, Los Angeles
Channel 24, Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

WYCC, Chicago
Channel 20, Sundays @ 5:30pm

WHYY, Philadelphia
Channel 12, Thursdays @ 9:30pm & Sundays @ 10:30am

KQED, San Francisco
Channel 9, Tuesdays @ 7pm

MPT, Washington DC
Various channels, Sundays @ 10am

WHUT, Washington DC
Channel 32, Thursdays @ 9am

WGBX, Boston
Channel 44, Sundays @ 4:30pm

WUSF, Tampa
Channel 16.4, Fridays @ 8pm

WPBT, Miami
Channel 2, Fridays @ 12am

KBDI, Denver
Channel 12, Saturdays @ 1am

WDSC, Orlando
Channel 15, Thursdays @ 7:30pm

WEFS, Orlando
Channel 9, Saturdays @ 11:30pm

WEAO, Cleveland
Channel 49, Thursdays @ 1:30am

 OPB, Portland
Wednesdays @ 1:30pm

MPT, Baltimore
Sundays @ 10am

WFYI, Indianapolis
Tuesdays @ 7:30pm

NPT, Nasvhille
Sundays @ 10pm

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