Andrew W.K. Tries Out Unusual Instruments

To many people, Andrew W.K. is best known as “that guy who sings about partying all the time.” And, indeed, he’s written more than his fair share of songs on the topic, including “Party Hard,” “Party til You Puke,” and, most recently, “The Party Never Dies." 

In recent years, though, W.K. has also become a popular motivational speaker, lecturing at universities and concert venues alike on the importance of passion and positivity.

But while he’s widely celebrated for his energetic songs, larger than life stage presence, and infectious personality, his chops as a musician shouldn’t go unnoticed. Andrew studied classical piano from a young age, and later picked up the drums, guitar, and bass.

Given his diverse musical background, he seemed like the perfect candidate to help Articulate check out a small collection of unusual musical instruments. Check out the video above for Andrew’s thoughts on a selection of quirky gear.