Educational Guide

Your syllabus is designed to open minds and unlock ideas. You choose the texts, you study the notes, you map the histories. But behind every work of art and literature, every choreographed dance and canvas, an artist lives. Someone with a story.

At Articulate we seek out the artists who matter most. We find out how the lives they’re living thread through the work they do. Our guests remember, wonder, and confess. They let us into their worlds.

This educational guide is an offering — a resource we hope you’ll consider using to prompt or extend classroom conversations. Think of each segment as a guest appearance. Click on a link and there’s Daniel Handler of Lemony Snicket fame talking about being real, for children's sake. Click on another, and there’s Grammy- and Pulitzer-winning composer Jennifer Higdon talking about marking the present hour with music. Click again, and indie singer-songwriter Lisa Hannigan is talking about the quiet that descends after a long productive period, and the search, again, for song. One more click, and there’s choreographer Elizabeth Streb talking about how she got her dancing start in fine art.

We’ve organized the best of our segments into four primary categories: Visual Art, Music, Dance, and Literature. We invite you to click on any square below to get started. We invite you, too, to let us know what you think and what the students are saying. Send us a message at We’re listening.