Identity, prejudice, love, and loss: This is the stuff of a Kyle Abraham dance. The math of a Michelle Dorrance tap dance, meanwhile, erupts from an equal commitment to athleticism and aesthetics, while Elizabeth Streb throws all preconceptions to the wind to stage deliberately dangerous interactions with air and ground, flight and fancy.

How do choreographers think? What propels a dancer? How is the body a narrative? Articulate dancers explore these questions.

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Tap Into America

Despite only occasional glimpses of the mainstream, tap dance remains an iconic American art form.

Tags: historical, cultural


Michelle Dorrance

Tap superstar Michelle Dorrance has split the difference between the athletic and aesthetic paths forged by her parents: a professional ballet dancer and a World Cup-winning women's soccer coach.

Tags: choreographer


Elizabeth Streb: Dancing with Danger

It's rare for an artist to disavow her own genre, but Elizabeth Streb may well be the most fervently anti-dance choreographer you've ever met.

Tags: choreographer


It Takes Two

Tango is a complex improvised form that's danced the world over.

Tags: historical, cultural

Kyle Abraham dancing.jpg

Kyle Abraham:
A Life in motion

The works of contemporary choreographer Kyle Abraham feel like a memoir.

Tags: choreographer


Bharatanatyam: Indian Dance

Bharatanatyam survived colonial oppression to exemplify Indian identity both at home and abroad.

Tags: historical, cultural