Fear of the Known

For generations, the early 20th century American writer H.P. Lovecraft has been terrifying readers. We find out how.

About Darrell Schweitzer

Darrell Schweitzer is an American writer, editor, and essayist in the field of speculative fiction. Much of his focus has been on dark fantasy and horror, although he does also work in science fiction and fantasy. Schweitzer is also a prolific writer of literary criticism and editor of collections of essays on various writers within his preferred genres.

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About John Ashmead

I have a BA in physics from Harvard, summa cum laude, and a masters in physics from Princeton.  I’ve just finished a clean cut on a physics dissertation, Quantum Time, on how to quantize time using the same rules as we use for space.  Curiously enough, this line of attack doesn’t appear to have been tried before.  I use path integrals but add paths that vary in time to the usual paths varying in space.  Doesn’t seem to break anything and is testable so I am hoping to persuade some experimentalists to have a go.

I presented a poster on the dissertation at  the Third International Conference on the Nature and Ontology of Spacetime last year, and I recently did a short talk on the dissertation at the 4th Feynman Festival in Olomouc.

By day, I’m an independent computer consultant working out of the Philadelphia area, specializing in databases (any kind really, but Informix, MySQL, SQL Server seem to head the list) and their applications.  My company is Ashmead Software & Consulting, Inc. My (informal) company slogan is “cleaning up after the elephant,” as I seem to specialize in fixing legacy databases that have gotten a bit, how shall we say, out of control.

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About Jillian Sayre

Her research focuses on narrative theory, affect, and community in early national American literatures. She has published on translation in James Fenimore Cooper’s The Prairie and has forthcoming work on The Book of Mormon, spatializing practices in the American West, and digital humanities practices and pedagogies. She is currently working on her manuscript Mourning the Nation to Come: The Scryptural Economy of Post-Revolutionary American Literatures, a comparative study of early national romances in North and South America. She teaches courses on postcolonial literatures, women’s writing, horror, and literary theory. 

(from Rutgers University—Camden)

About Michael Bukowski

Michael Bukowski has been a freelance illustrator for 16 years, mostly working for punk and metal bands on five continents. Most notably, he was the “head of propaganda” for the Philly-based anarcho-hardcore band R.A.M.B.O., helping them craft a ridiculous aesthetic in their print-based material as well as providing props for live shows around the world. Since 2001, Mike has amassed a client list of over 200 bands, labels, production companies and clothing companies.

In 2011, he started working on the Illustro Obscurum project (aka yog-blogsoth.blogspot.com) in which he is illustrating every creature/god in the fiction of author H.P. Lovecraft. More recently, he’s been illustrating creatures from other prominent horror and weird fiction authors past and present.

This also led to him starting the small press publishing house Seventh Church Ministries which showcases other illustrators work alongside famous (or not so famous) horror/weird fiction authors.

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About Joseph Hallman

Joseph Hallman is a young composer based in Philadelphia who has worked with some of today's most talented musicians and artists. Known for his generosity of collaboration and joy for composing, he is quickly becoming a noted name on concert programs both nationally and internationally. In addition to teaching a studio of young composers, he has been invited to conduct master classes and lectures, sit on panels, and serve as an adjudicator at home and abroad.  He has been named, by NPR, as one of the Top Composers under 40.  He has also been named Best Musician by several Philadelphia magazines and newspapers.

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