Reuben Margolin Loves Making Waves

Reuben Margolin attempts to evoke the natural world with his mechanically-driven kinetic sculptures.

About Reuben Margolin

For the last 20 years, I’ve been making kinetic sculptures that seek to combine the sensuousness of nature with the logic of math. My studio is in a yellow warehouse in Emeryville, California, a stone’s throw from the San Francisco Bay. During a typical day I often find myself moving in a circular arc: beginning, perhaps, with the memory of light on the ocean and the feel of wind, later being pulled into an irresistible problem involving sine curves, then leaning toward the drafting table to consider proportion, thread pitch, and color, pausing at the metal lathe to make a precision part, drilling countless holes in a piece of wood, always working toward the unparalleled excitement of switching on a sculpture for the very first time.

(from artist's website)