Visual Art

Greg Dunn got a PhD in neuroscience to help him understand the brain. To communicate its grand complexity, he teamed up with an applied physicist and manipulated a technique they call microetching. Their work yields a sophisticated rendering of a complex organ. It is, by any standard, art. But so is the knot-rich, rough-edged wood furniture of George Nakashima. So are the high-concept installations of Allora & Calzadilla. So is the “ghetto pottery” of Robert Lugo and the documentary truths of photographer Nina Berman. Our visual art segments consistently interrogate not just the process by which the pieces come about but the obsessions and life stories that fuel them.

How does something seen or felt take shape as a canvas or sculpture, fashion or vase? Articulate artists answer that question.

Watch this space for upcoming segments on Robert Janz, Jim Garland, Gary Baseman, and more. 

Thinking of using this in your classroom? Check out the exercise suggested in Greg Dunn: Thinking About Thinking.


A Place at the Table

Mira Nakashima inherited her father George's shop and set to work continuing his artistic legacy.

Tags: furniture, woodworking, historical


The Nature of Art

Brandon Ballengée's artistic practice and scientific research share a single purpose — to generate understanding and awareness of endangered species.

Tags: environment, science


The Ghetto Potter

The ceramics of Roberto Lugo pay homage to their classical past but are firmly rooted in the realities of his inner-city upbringing.

Tags: sculpture, pottery


Changing Minds about Climate Change

Two artists are helping to reinvigorate the conversation about climate change by presenting its truths more...artfully.


Pictures of You

Long before selfies, portraits were a way for those who could afford it to help shape their public image.

Tags: painting, portraits, museums, historical


The Illustrious Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell's illustrations have a remarkable capacity to evoke childlike emotion, even in adults.

Tags: illustration, children's books, cartoons


The Many Faces of Modigliani

Amedeo Modigliani died a broken man. His art, especially the sculptures, have endured.

Janet Echelman Drone Art.jpg

Janet Echelman Looms Large

Echelman's sculptures are the "net" result of technology, engineering, and civic engagement.

Tags: sculpture, architecture, weaving

Nina Berman Looking in Camera 3.jpg

Nina Berman's World View

Nina Berman blurs the line between fine art and editorial photography.

Tags: photography, journalism

Leroy Johnson Painting 2.jpg

Inside the Outsider

Leroy Johnson has lived on the edges of the art world for 80+ years.

Tags: painting, mixed media

Ruben Margolin standing with one of his sculptures.jpg

Reuben Margolin
Loves Making Waves

Reuben Margolin attempts to evoke the natural world with his mechanically-driven sculptures.

Tags: sculpture, kinetic sculpture

Chemi Rosado looking out over the town he painted in Costa Rica.jpg

No Comply 180

The art of skater/painter Chemi Rosado-Seijo is founded in community activism.

Tags: community art, conceptual art, sculpture

Gren Dunn working in his studio.jpg

Greg Dunn:
Thinking About Thinking

Greg Dunn's neuroscience art illustrates the complexity of the human brain.

Tags: science, etching

Allora & Calzadilla sitting in their home.jpg

Allora & Calzadilla: Displacement and Defamiliarization

Together, Allora & Calzadilla are one of the world's most dynamic conceptual art power duos.

Kenny Scharf's Studio 2.jpg

Kenny Scharf: Here to Stay

Whether on a gallery wall or the side of a car, Kenny Scharf's exuberant cartoons infuse daily life with a dose of whimsy.

Tags: painting, illustration, cartoons

Curators, Maiza Hixon and the Shaft.jpg

Curators: The Keepers of Culture

Curating has become a buzzword for organizing a life, but there are people who do it for a living.