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Halloween (Episode 414): Goth, Death, and Lovecraft, Oh My! A Not-So-Happy Halloween Special

  • Gothic Truth & Fiction

  • Fear of the Known (H.P. Lovecraft)

  • Our Greatest Fear (Death)

Available from October 5, 2018

Black History Month (Episode 415)Articulate Black History Month Special

  • Sugar Tongue Slim

  • Moe Brooker

  • Dindga McCannon

Available from January 25, 2019

Valentine's Day (Episode 416): In Love With Love

  • Floriography

  • R.I.P. Romance?

  • It Takes Two (Tango)

Available from February 1, 2019

Earth Day (Episode 417): Nature's Bounty

  • Changing Minds About Climate Change

  • The Nature of Art (Brandon Ballengée)

  • A Place at the Table (Nakashima)

Available from February 8, 2019

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