Arc Iris: Out of This World (2:45)

Jocie Adams is a clarinetist-turned-scientist-turned-leader of the indie band Arc Iris.
Tags: independent music, women in music

Eldridge the Eccentric (1:05)

Eldridge Johnson, heir to the RCA Victor fortune, had a penchant for Alice in Wonderland collectables
Tags: children's literature

The Essence of Photography (2:50)

Alex Orgera on DIY pinhole photography
Tags: crafts, photography, autumn/winter

Ester Rada's Ethio-Soul (3:00)

Israeli singer-songwriter Ester Rada combined American Soul influences with her Ethiopian heritage to create a genre all her own.
Tags: Israeli, Ethiopian, American Soul

A Fertile Imagination (1:38)

Cartoonist Lauren Weinstein's garden is designed like a comic
Tags: spring, Earth Day, flowers, gardens

For Love of Letterpress (2:50)

Marianne Dages uses an obsolete commercial printing press to make her artworks.
Tags: National Book Month (October), poetry, collage art

Gates of Freedom (2:36)

Zenos Frudakis discusses his sculpture "Freedom" and how he was influenced by Rodin.
Tags: patriotism, 4th of July

Gil Shaham (3:00)

Though already an accomplished violinist by the time he had children, Gil Shaham says that kids changed his outlook on music. 
Tags: music, children, classical music, violin, Israeli

Heeseop Yoon: Drawing the Line(s) (2:15)

Heeseop Yoon creates massive drawings using black tape.
Tags: South Korean artist, visual art

Kandace Springs' Jazz Roots (3:00)

Kandace Springs tried to resist the pull of jazz music, but thanks to her dad and the late Prince, she stuck to her roots.
Tags: jazz, Nashville, Prince

Letting the Left Brain Lead (2:50)

When Ben Volta realized he could apply his creativity to school, he excelled in ways he never thought possible. Now, he's sharing what he learned with a new generation.
Tags: back to school, visual literacy

Mad Money (2:07)

Emily Erb's silk flags illustrate the history of paper currency in the U.S.
Tags: patriotism, 4th of July

Muscle Memory (2:40)

Bassist Joseph Conyers is as obsessive about his instrument as he is about fitness.
Tags: get out and move (summer), classical music, bass

The Oldest War Horse (1:19)

The 1507 Horse Armor or Duke Ulrich of Württembergis the only surviving work by master craftsman Wilhelm von Worms. It’s now the oldest intact horse armor in the Western Hemisphere.
Tags: history

Portable Pigment (2:25)

How putting paint in tubes changed art forever.
Tags: spring/summer, history

Ricardo Morales' Music (1:20)

For Ricardo Morales, becoming a great clarinet player is like learning to cook. 
Tags: classical music, clarinet, Puerto Rico

Rising From the Ruins (1:07) 

Ellen Harvey's love of ruins isn't morbid - it's about rebirth.
Tags: Easter

Unique, Like Everyone Else (2:25)

Connor Showalter a.k.a. Strand of Oaks finds universality in the personal and connection through crowds.
Tags: independent music

You Don't Have to Like It (2:30)

Carnatic singer T.M. Krishna believes classical music is for everyone - whether they like it or not.
Tags: Indian, classical, globalism

You Fail Every Time (2:25)

Perfectionists like pianist George Fu are doomed to a life of failure.
Tags: Asian-American, classical music, orchestra, National Piano Month (September)

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