Available from October 5, 2018

The Essence of Photography (02:30)

Alex Orgera on DIY pinhole photography.

Portable Pigment (02:30)

How putting paint in tubes changed art forever

Unique, Like Everyone Else (03:00)

Timothy Showalter of the rock project Strand of Oaks finds universality in the personal and connection through crowds.

Eldridge the Eccentric (01:00)

Eldridge Johnson, heir to the RCA Victor fortune, had a penchant for Alice in Wonderland collectables.

A Fertile Imagination (01:30)

Cartoonist Lauren Weinstein’s garden is designed like a comic.

Muscle Memory (02:30)

Bassist Joe Conyers invokes the same obsessive discipline in his music as in his body building.

Bang on a Can: Bringing Uptown Downtown (02:00)

Since forming their avant-garde classical group “Bang on a Can” in 1987, Julia Wolfe, David Lang, and Michael Gordon have been pushing the boundaries of musical composition.

Donn T’s Inferno (03:00)

Singer-songwriter Donn T found her place in the family business at age 9.

Danzy Senna’s Life Isn’t Black and White (02:00)

Author Danzy Senna’s heritage gives her a unique perspective on race in America.

Context is the New Content (02:30)

Kenneth Goldsmith calls himself an un-creative writer. Others call him a plagiarist.

The Irrepressible Joyce DiDonato (02:00)

Today, Joyce DiDonato has conquered doubters, critics, and the cruel tides of life itself to become one of the most beloved voices in opera.

The Beautiful Mind of !llmind (02:30)

The music producer !llmind disappeared into his craft for six years before emerging as a fully-fledged success.

Caroline Shaw: of Carnegie and Kanye (02:00)

Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw keeps herself open to the intense, sometimes difficult emotions that drive her work.

Robert Janz’s Disappearing Acts (02:00)

Robert Janz’s artistic legacy is a more than 50-year celebration of impermanence.

The United States of Lila Downs (02:30)

Lila Downs is well-practiced at navigating different cultures, a trait she’s proud to have passed on to her son.

Princesses for Boys (02:00)

Shannon Hale writes her stories from a deeply empathetic perspective, and expects the same from her readers.

Lauren Greenfield’s Wealth of Ideas (03:00)

Documentarian Lauren Greenfield uses the visual vocabulary of popular culture to critique it.


For rock musician Andrew W.K., partying is a life philosophy.

Lizzo’s Living Large (03:00)

For flutist-turned-rapped-turned-pop singer Lizzo, every song is a love song.

Journeys of Body and Mind (01:30)

Magda Giannikou’s ability to see sound as color is something of a double-edged sword.

The Information Artist (01:30)

Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s art interrogates the potential impacts of big data on individual lives.

Tank’s Soul Pursuit (02:30)

Tarriona Ball is a poet-turned-band leader whose group, Tank and the Bangas, infuses their catchy, funky, yet genre-defying songs with deep content and big ideas.

The Unsanctioned Art of Jim Garland (01:30)

Water feature designer Jim Garland is humbled, and liberated, by the inherent beauty of his medium.

At Home Going Big (01:00)

Steve Tobin has worked in many mediums, always searching for an experience of awe.

The Radical Roee Rosen (02:30)

Israeli visual artist Roee Rosen packs bold ideas into all his projects.