Season 1


Feminist Fatale

Carsie Blanton uses an old school musical form to help change the way women are perceived today.
Season 1, Episode 12


Luis Cruz Azaceta

The works of Cuban American artist Luis Cruz Azaceta reflect on society’s great modern tragedies.
Season 1, Episode 12

Matthew Neenan

From a very young age, life has been a dance for choreographer Matthew Neenan.
Season 1, Episode 12



Amedeo Modigliani died a broken man. His art, especially the sculptures, have endured.
Season 1, Episode 12


Ellen Harvey

Though she’s been a successful visual artist for decades, Ellen Harvey remains obsessed with failure.
Season 1, Episode 11

indian dance.jpg

Bharatanatyam: Indian Dance

Bharatanatyam survived colonial oppression to exemplify Indian identity both at home and abroad.
Season 1, Episode 11


Xenia Rubinos

Xenia Rubinos’ complex music is infused with simple messages about big ideas.
Season 1, Episode 11


Orchestrating Hits

Classically trained cellist Larry Gold has spent a lifetime orchestrating pop classics. Today he’s helping bring out the soul in R&B and Hip-hop.
Season 1, Episode 10


Perceptual Shift

Sculptor Michael Murphy’s installations are perceptual puzzles.
Season 1, Episode 10


Goldberg Variations: Timeless Virtuosity

Bach’s centuries old, devilishly difficult, Goldberg Variations continue to challenge pianists and fascinate audiences.
Season 1, Episode 10


The Illustrious Kevin Cornell

Kevin Cornell’s illustrations have a remarkable capacity to evoke childlike emotion, even in adults.
Season 1, Episode 10

Stephen Costello's Most Valuable Friend

Celebrated opera tenor Stephen Costello has been both blessed and betrayed by his voice.
Season 1, Episode 9

Krimes and Punishment

Jesse Krimes describes his six years in federal prison as a kind of “artist residency.”
Season 1, Episode 9

It Takes Two

Tango is a complex improvised form that’s danced the world over.
Season 1, Episode 9

Eric Owens

With a voice and stage presence as big as his personality, Eric Owens is among the most celebrated bass-baritones in the opera world.
Season 1, Episode 8

The Cutting Edge of Stained Glass

Judith Schaechter applies avant-garde sensibilities to a once traditional art form: stained glass.
Season 1, Episode 8


Bodies of Work

In the past century or so, tattoos have gone from being a mark of the outsider to a more socially accepted expression of self.
Season 1, Episode 8


All the World's a Stage

If life itself is a performance, what can theatre teach us about how to be ourselves?
Season 1, Episode 7


Watsky on How to Ruin Everything

The poet-turned-rapper pulled no punches in his first collection of essays.
Season 1, Episode 7


Dindga McCannon

Dindga McCannon helped pioneer art quilting, a fresh approach to a traditional medium.
Season 1, Episode 7


Elizabeth Streb: Dancing with Danger

It’s rare for an artist to disavow her own genre, but Elizabeth Streb may well be the most fervently anti-dance choreographer you’ve ever met.
Season 1, Episode 6


Found in Translation

Scholarly translations are a constant battle between literal accuracy and literary interpretation.
Season 1, Episode 6


Scents and Sensibility

The quietly spoken Fabio Luisi does classical music's toughest job with grace and aplomb.
Season 1, Episode 6


Walé Oyéjidé

Fashion designer Walé Oyéjidé is on a mission to help all men unleash their inner fashionisto.
Season 1, Episode 5


Pictures of You

Long before selfies, portraits were a way for those who could afford it to help shape their public image.
Season 1, Episode 5


The Charming Incongruities of Kevin Barnes

After 20 years, Kevin Barnes, founder and leader of the indie rock band Of Montreal, is still an enigma.
Season 1, Episode 5


Sugar Tongue Slim

For STS, wordplay is a way of life; hip-hop lines his pockets, poetry feeds his soul.
Season 1, Episode 4


Bruce Metcalf

Master fine art jeweler Bruce Metcalf refuses to use traditional metals and gems in his work.
Season 1, Episode 4


Fear of the Known

For generations, the early 20th century American writer H.P. Lovecraft has been terrifying readers.
Season 1, Episode 4


Gerald Busby's Lust for Life

After surviving heartbreak, HIV, and addiction, Gerald Busby has experienced an artistic rebirth.
Season 1, Episode 3


Roberto Lugo: The Ghetto Potter

The ceramics of Roberto Lugo pay homage to their classical past through the lens of his inner city upbringing.
Season 1, Episode 3


Changing Minds about Climate Change

Two artists are helping to reinvigorate the conversation about climate change by presenting its truths more...artfully.
Season 1, Episode 3


the jazz sensibilities of moe brooker

Moe Brooker is rightly regarded as one of the greats of American abstract painting.
Season 1, Episode 2


under pressure

Performance anxiety can be paralyzing, but it can also be conquered.
Season 1, Episode 2


The nature of art

Brandon Ballengée’s artistic practice and scientific research both center on awareness of endangered species.
Season 1, Episode 2


A Place at the table

Mira Nakashima inherited her father George's shop and set to work continuing his artistic legacy.
Season 1, Episode 1

Room Full of Teeth

Music with teeth

With custom-composed pieces employing a staggering range of vocal styles, Roomful of Teeth makes music that can be difficult to define.
Season 1, Episode 1

Tap dancers

Tap into america

Despite only occasional glimpses of the mainstream, tap dance remains an iconic American art form.
Season 1, Episode 1