Season 3



It’s when faced with tragedy that we find out who we really are. Naomi and Lisa Diaz’s musicality rose from the ashes of loved ones.
Season 3, Episode 12


The Antidote to Hopelessness

Young adult author Jason Reynolds truly believes that children are our future.
Season 3, Episode 12


The Prodigy Daughter

Cellist Alisa Weilerstein found her calling at age 5.
Season 3, Episode 12


Bang on a Can: Bringing Downtown Uptown

Classical group Bang on a Can is happy to pass the torch of rebellion.
Season 3, Episode 11


Mr. Baseman

Gary Baseman’s quirky characters explore complex truths.
Season 3, Episode 11



For choreographer Heidi Latsky, disability is no disadvantage.
Season 3, Episode 11


The Quiet Truths of Luciana Souza

Souza is a celebrated vocalist, who can communicate beautifully without a word.
Season 3, Episode 10


The Recovering

For writer Leslie Jamison, sobriety was the first step into a new kind of creativity.
Season 3, Episode 10



Josh Radnor understood quickly that fame and fortune wouldn’t make him happy.
Season 3, Episode 10


Journeys of Mind and Body

Magda Giannikou has always craved and embraced the unknown.
Season 3, Episode 9


Wu Han: In Concert and Conversation

From a young age, pianist Wu Han has understood the virtue of discipline.
Season 3, Episode 9


Princesses For Boys

Young adult author Shannon Hale believes kids should have access to stories of all kinds.
Season 3, Episode 9


The Renaissance Woman

Shara Nova performs the songs and shares the stories that have shaped her life.
Season 3, Episode 8


Ani DiFranco: Still a Righteous Babe

For most of us, fighting “The Man” is a youthful exercise. For Ani DiFranco, it’s been a lifelong vocation.
Season 3, Episode 7


The Unsanctioned art of jim garland

The beauty of water in the wild is unparalleled. Jim Garland harnesses this brilliance.
Season 3, Episode 7


Tank's soul pursuit

Tank and the Bangas create music that’s soulful, poetic, and persistently original.
Season 3, Episode 7


The information artist

Artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg questions how DNA might be used against us.
Season 3, Episode 6

Lila Downs Still2051407.jpg

The united states of lila downs

Singer-songwriter Lila Downs creates music that reflects her Mexican-American heritage.
Season 3, Episode 6


the historical conquests of josh ritter

Much of our shared cultural histories rely on myth making. So, too, does the music of Josh Ritter.
Season 3, Episode 6


At home going big

Some people live to push against the edge of possibility. The sculptor Steve Tobin revels in it.
Season, 3, Episode 6


An Old Head On Young Shoulders

Sometimes, great wisdom comes from the mouths of babes. 20-something-year-old singer-songwriter Julien Baker lives and reflects deeply.
Season 3, Episode 5


The Mother Tongue

Finding your place in a new society is always jarring. For poet Cheryl Boyce Taylor, staying connected to her native culture kept her grounded.
Season 3, Episode 5


the “can do” lab

Everything is impossible, until you’ve tried it. The event architects at Do LaB are constantly trying to realize the outer reaches of their imagination.
Season 3, Episode 5


Danzy Senna’s Life Isn’t Black and White

Author Danzy Senna’s heritage gives her a unique perspective on race in America.
Season 3, Episode 4


Donn T’s Inferno

Plenty of us will go into the family business. But, after helping her parents write the lyrics to a song at age nine, Donn T was hooked.
Season 3, Episode 4


Ricky Reed’s Good Vibrations

In a world where empathy is often in short supply, it is the driving force behind the pop hits of Ricky Reed.
Season 3, Episode 4


context is the new content

Progress comes from those who push against convention. Poet Kenneth Goldsmith has disrupted his field by rejecting the very notion of originality.
Season 3, Episode 3


the irrepressible joyce didonato

As opera star Joyce DiDonato has proven, the road to success is a winding one.
Season 3, Episode 3


The beautiful mind of !llmind

A model of perseverance, producer !llmind began his career in his parents' basement.
Season 3, Episode 3


Robert Janz’s Disappearing Acts

Leaving a mark on the world implies permanence. For Robert Janz, art is more fleeting, like life itself.
Season 3, Episode 2



Owning your place in the world is difficult, but R&B singer-songwriter Lizzo refuses to play small.
Season 3, Episode 2


Caroline Shaw: Of Carnegie and Kanye

In music and in life, composer Caroline Shaw sees no boundaries.
Season 3, Episode 2


Lauren Greenfield's Wealth of Ideas

Documentarian Lauren Greenfield has spent decades studying what our culture values.
Season 3, Episode 1


Andrew W.K.: The Life and Soul of the Party

Conventional wisdom would have it that partying is all about debauchery. Andrew W.K. respectfully disagrees.
Season 3, Episode 1