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We appreciate your generosity! With your contribution, The Articulate Foundation will be able to continue learning about the creative minds in our world and sharing their stories with you.


Through our TV program Articulate, its associated digital media platforms, and other educational vehicles, The Articulate Foundation uses the highest editorial standards and production values to tell captivating stories about the finest artists of our time. 

Our goal is to help people from all walks of life to transform their lives by exploring inspired and challenging new subjects, activities, and diverse modes of cultural expression.


Arts Advance envisions a world where artists are valued and respected for their ideas, modes of thinking, and productivity, and where the contributions of creative minds are core to thinking in the classroom, the boardroom, in government, and beyond.


Arts Advance will be outward looking, creative, respectful, committed to diversity, sustainable, accountable, adaptive, truthful and transparent:

Outward Looking: Have a deep understanding of its audience and their needs. Invest time and energy in monitoring changes in the media landscape so as to continue to produce programs that look and sound contemporary. 
Creative:  Be resourceful and innovative in how it makes its content, be willing to take risks and learn from failures.
Respectful: Treat all people, including staff and partners, with dignity.
Committed to diversity: Reflect, represent and serve the diverse communities of all of the United States and, in doing so, raise awareness of different cultures and contribute to social cohesion.
Sustainable: Manage its business in a sustainable manner.
Accountable: Be accountable to our audience, our partners, our stakeholders and ourselves. Seek truth and rigorously verify facts.
Adaptive: Be adaptive and strategic in our commitment to being relevant in changing times.
Truthful: Ensure that what we say is always factual and in context.
Transparent: Make decisions openly and be clear about the reasons for our actions.